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If you are worried about your key getting copied from any local hardware store or superstore then it must be due to the fact that you have a simple key. It can be due to an unusual bow type key, old key, DND key, high security key or locksmith only key. The article below contains complete details about types of keys and also about the places from where you can get it copied.
I/C Key:
In order to serve customers with rapid lock rekeying many factories and stores prefer to buy interchangeable core cylinders. Arrow, Best and Falcon are most commonly used cylinder types and their keys cannot be duplicated so easily. For example, the keys for best cylinders usually come with more than 12 variants and it is quite difficult to distinguish between these profiles. Only expert Locksmiths can find out the difference between them because they are trained to handle such issues. So if you face any kind of trouble related to installation and repair of I/C cylinders then it is good to call locksmiths from companies.
Locksmiths only Key:
These restricted keys are mostly preferred by business managers and property owners because no one can create duplicate version of these. Presently three most popular keys of this category are available in market: HS developed by hardware agencies, MX10 by the GMS professionals and LSA from LSDA. The key blanks for all these types are available only with registered locksmiths or security professionals so you need not to worry about their duplication. Whenever you face any issues related to locksmith only keys then book your appointment with Locksmith Castro Valley experts.
High Security Keys:
For most of business owners and property dealers it is important to spend money for high security keys so that a permanent security can be ensured. If you need extended control over your security system then it is good to install one with open keyway structure. For installation of such keys you always need to contact professionals.
DND Keys:
Here DND stands for do not duplicate as this type of keys use to have a stamp over them containing warning about do not copy product. It helps to keep your keys safe from local key cutters as by reading this mark they will not copy your key. If you need a duplicate key due to any reason for example you have lost the original one or it is broken then you need to contact registered Castro Valley Locksmith service providers.
It demands a lot of experience for development of a duplicate key for such high tech systems. Whenever people face any lockout issue with such advanced security system then cannot take help from local unregistered key cutters rather it is necessary to contact professional locksmith company to get the job done. Such keys serve with higher security level and these locks can keep your belongings, documents and expensive items safe for years. The repair and replacement cost is reasonable when you hire professionals for this task.

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