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There are so many categories of locks as like magnetic locks, electro-mechanical locks, electronic lock, mechanical keyless lock and mechanical key lock. All of these are installed for different applications so if you are thinking to get a new security system m for home then prefer to discuss your details with experts. They will help you to make right decision about lock type that can meet your specifications to the best possible manner. Locksmith Union City professionals are always ready to help clients with emergency repair and replacement services if you face any issue with security system of home or vehicle. In the article below we are going to talk about different types of locks under mechanical key operated type lock categories. Generally there are four different types: pin tumblers, level tumblers, disc tumblers and wafer tumblers. If you are also searching for some advanced key operated lock information then spend few minutes to read the information below:
Pin Tumbler Type:
They are generally of two types as: linear arrangement type and tabular formats. Locksmith experts say that for the former case, pin arrangement is done in straight line fashion but for later one you will find circular pattern of pins. Out of this, the linear system is known as low security locking mechanism that possess six pin pairs with first six in button sequence and other six work as driver on top row. In case of high security type locking mechanisms, you will find seven pin pairs along with one additional sidebar and an interactive element.
Wafer Tumbler Locks:
These locks usually come in three different variants: split, double and single type. Out of all these, the single wafer tumblers are commonly used for desk drawers, steering wheel clubs and filling cabinets. Whereas the split and double type are often employed for trunk, door and automotive ignition system locks.
Disc Tumbler Type:
They make use of round slotted type detainer discs that use to interface with sidebars. Disc Tumbler locks are generally operated with the help of angle bitted keys that provides gating signal to all 11 discs in the system. Due to few quality features like high durability, bump proof construction and higher pick resistance, such type of locks are often installed in government agencies and business houses.
Level Tumbler Type:
These are one of the most popular types of key operated locks throughout the world and are less expensive as compared to pin tumblers. Although most of the level tumbler locks are operated with the help of single bitted keys but in case of high security type applications locksmiths can also provide you double as well as triple bitted keys as per need.
All the lock types as discussed above possess unique construction as well as different specifications. So whenever you think of installing a key operated locking mechanism at home then prefer to contact experts are Union City Locksmith. They can provide you complete information regarding price ranges, material and specifications as per need.

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